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because of our robust, standardized processes and our breadth of services, Liquis is the provider of choice for services needing decommissioning services, asset personality, value recovery, and recycling services. Liquis rapidly and efficiently liquidates underutilized or outdated infrastructure properties by means of purchases, services, auctions, recycling and more.
A business's assets contain value in the form of data, dollars and time. Liquis secures your information, returns worth for properties, and downtime much better invested in core proficiencies. We think in building long-term company relationships by offering exemplary and prompt services.
Liquis, established in 2002, is among the biggest center decommissioning services companies in the U.S.Over 300 customers take advantage of Liquis' services at single and/or several places worldwide, little or big scale. We customize each agreement to finest match each consumers' requirements. Our agreements vary from decommissioning properties from one little workplace, to multi-facility, phased, big scale decommissions scheduled months in advance. Our workplace liquidation staff is expert and courteous, while making sure all parties agree upon the project beforehand. We stand by our estimate and estimates, and are on time on both project start and end dates.Liquis, founded in 2002, is one of the largest facility decommissioning services companies in the U.S
. When corporations shut down offices, making plants, information centers or any other facilities, there is a plethora of properties to manage, along with a host of services required to prepare the facility for sale, return or re-lease. Liquis can handle specific parts of the task, or the whole facility shutdown, turnkey.Closing and liquidating properties out of corporate-owned facilities are difficult and daunting jobs. There are often overlapping areas of responsibilities and competing interests worrying the The original source lots of properties included, developing a tough environment for an effective liquidation. Our experience in this environment integrated with our comprehensive processes enables us to quickly and effectively manage intricate shut-downs pleasing all stakeholders involved.
Over 300 consumers utilize Liquis' services at single and/or multiple locations worldwide, small or large scale.We tailor each contract to best match each consumers' requirements. Our agreements vary from decommissioning possessions from one small office, to multi-facility, phased, large scale decommissions planned months in advance.Liquis concentrates on the management of center shutdowns
We desire to get rid of pain-points, not produce additional layers of intricacy. To that end, the following is a list of services we provide, however is not extensive in the ways we have worked with our customers. Please call us with your special requirements so that we can create a relationship that works for you.
Liquis provides a wide variety of choices to fit every liquidation project (local, regional, international and custom-made jobs), using multiple markets (online auctions, domestic and overseas purchasers) to return the greatest worth to our clients. Simply put, Liquis is a one stop store that decreases or virtually eliminates the time consuming job of finding several buyers, or several bidders for both obscure and mainstream assets.A center decommissioning icon for Liquis
Center DecommissionClosing one or numerous company-owned or rented facilities, structures, or making plants is a complicated task. We can help. Liquis actually supplies an on-location examination to carefully assess and manage your workplace furnishings liquidation.
Numerous companies require systems to be cleaned prior to leaving company-owned centers. Liquis has the workforce and knowledge. Data Destruction
Liquis exclusive systems and software application assist us offer a bullet-proof process that tracks your properties from pick-up to personality.
When the management or liquidation of possessions is in your future, you can count on Liquis to optimize your returns. Liquis can assist safeguard companies from liability, due to the fact that we take the correct disposal of hardware and e-waste seriously.
Generator elimination is one of the most complicated elements of closing down a data center facility, and Liquis is here to help. Generator Elimination A boiler removal service icon from Liquis Liquis can help you decommission your website, consisting of removal of your industrial boilers, chillers, towers and carousels. Industrial Elimination

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